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Avatar plans to ditch the face paint & crank up the tempo with final streaming concert

Credit: Johan Carlén

Avatar‘s four-part streaming concert series comes to a close Saturday with a set consisting of songs from the band’s first three albums. Vocalist Johannes Eckerström tells ABC Audio that he’s “really excited” to be revisiting that early material, partly because it’ll allow him to step out from behind his now-signature face paint.

“These throwbacks will include us wearing what we wore at the time,”  Eckerström says. “It will be the first time that [I’ll be] performing in Avatar on any sort of stage for the first time in nine years not being painted like a clown.”

However, Eckerström and his band mates are also a little anxious about playing the old stuff again, especially considering how much faster they played in their younger years.

We still push ourselves technically and musically in one way or the other,” Eckerström explains. “But there’s a particular ‘Let’s play this unnecessarily fast’ approach that doesn’t happen as often, nowadays.”

Eckerström laughs that drummer John Alfredsson is particularly concerned about the increased tempo.

“It’s worse for a drummer than it is for a singer in a band,” he admits. “So I just find pleasure in that, and watching them suffer.” 

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By Josh Johnson
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