Crackthecode Dl

The Big Red Radio is going to send U guys to see Metallica in style… from the Snake Pit!

Use the 98KUPD App to visit the rewards page, click on the Metallica ‘Crack The Code’ graphic, and start guessing the 5-digit code for your chance at:

  • Metallica Snake Pit tickets for both Sept. 1st & 3rd shows at the State Farm Stadium
  • An autographed set list from the Phoenix shows or an autographed Metallica poster

*Note: if you have the wrong code, you’ll get a message that says “Promo code not valid. Please try again” or the graphic will shake slightly and nothing will happen. If you guess the correct code then you’re entered to win.*

Tap That App and ‘Crack The Code’ from 98KUPD.

Download The 98KUPD App Here!

Contest Rules Here.