98KUPD’s D&D Live is very proud to present: The Baron’s Bounty LIVE at The Scale and Feather Meadery.

Baron Bradus is on the march and needs 5 brave adventurers who can pull off the heist of a lifetime and maybe even save the world in the process! Take to the skies in the airship The Shattered Dawn on a mission to infiltrate the hidden castle to “liberate” a powerful and mystical artifact. Will the players meet their doom or will the heist be a success? Only the boldest will have a chance to claim The Barons Bounty.

Our next game, The Baron’s Bounty, is our first live and in-person game since November 2019. Fitz just could not be more excited to be back at the table. There are seats for 5 players at the table but everyone is welcome to join us for this live and in-person show.

Enjoy the new Fitz mead from Scale and Feather: Loremaster: A Hop’s Tale. The first chance to taste it at the game.

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And come watch the action LIVE at the Scale and Feather Meadery, Saturday, July 31st starting at noon! This is a live and in-person event and everyone is welcome.

The Barons Bounty: Live at the Scale and Feather Meadery is sponsored by Bookmans Entertainment Exchange.

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