UCrew Update


Join Fitz for Session 5 of the 98KUPD Dungeons and Dragons night for an ALL-NEW 3-hour one-shot adventure: The Curse of the Cat Queen! Brought to you by The Silver Key Lounge.

The wizard Dildactus has, at long last, located the lost city of Kleetoria! All he needs a little luck and brave 5 adventurers to join him on an epic quest and recover its hidden treasures. Delve deep into haunted ruins, plunge headlong into swampy pits, fight insidious creatures, and confront the riddle of the Cat Queens Curse!

Fitz is your Dungeon Master November 20th for a 3-hour game at the 98KUPD studios and you are invited!

Not a player but curious to learn more about Dungeons and Dragons? You’re welcome to come by and check out the game. Email Fitz directly, fitz@98kupd.com, to get on the observer’s list.

Thanks to The Silver Key Lounge

Thanks to Lou Malnati’s for providing food!

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