Ready to start playing Dungeons and Dragons or want to resume your journey in the D&D world? Maybe you’re even looking to jump behind the screen?

Everybody’s an Orc!: Live from the Silver Key Lounge is perfect for you!

Fitz will be running his starter game, Everybody’s an Orc!, from the Silver Key Lounge on March 27th at 5 PM. He will be teaching you and others how to play and even how to run a D&D game for your friends. Gameplay, Q&A, tips and tricks, and all the adventure to go with all on Zoom.

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And come watch the action LIVE at the Silver Key Lounge, Saturday, March 27th starting at 5 PM.


Special thanks to Bookmans for supporting gaming in the valley for over 40 years.

Bookmans has everything you need to start or restart your D&D journey.


Everybody’s an Orc!: Live from the Silver Key Lounge!