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Dirty Honey plans on "getting in your face" with upcoming Viper Room livestream

Courtesy of Dirty Honey

Dirty Honey will play a special livestream concert this Friday, airing live from the Viper Room in Los Angeles. Speaking to ABC Audio, frontman Marc Labelle is hoping the stream will make you feel like you’re in the room with the “When I’m Gone” rockers — or as much as you possibly can, given the circumstances.

“We’re looking forward to just really plugging in, being on a stage, having the lights and everything, and access to all the things that make a live show a real live show,” LaBelle says.

With livestreams increasingly becoming the norm in the age of COVID-19, LaBelle wants the Viper Room show to give you a “reason to watch.” To do that, he and his band mates plan on “performing a little bit more to the camera” and “just getting in your face.”

“[We want to be] bringing our personalities to the screen, and the energy of the performance, capturing that and making sure that plays on screen,” LaBelle says.

In addition to playing songs from the band’s self-titled 2019 EP, which spawned the breakout hit “When I’m Gone” and the follow-up single, “Rolling 7s,” Dirty Honey plans to play a few new songs during the stream. As for what we can expect from the fresh material, LaBelle teases, “Just know the songs are really good.”

“At least we think so,” he laughs. “Or we wouldn’t be doing ’em.”

“We’re really excited to share the most new stuff that nobody’s ever heard before with this thing, and just get some feedback as to where we’re at,” LaBelle adds. “It’s a weird litmus test to be able to share music that’s unreleased with people and get their feedback in real time.” 

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By Josh Johnson
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