UCrew Update

Godsmack Treat Fans To New Song ‘Inside Yourself’

Godsmack has released a new song titled ‘Inside Yourself’ and is avaible right now on the band’s website for free!! Godsmack frontman Sully Erna had this to say about the new song:

“To all radio stations, programming directors and, most importantly, our fans! Here’s something fun we recently recorded just for you!

“Year after year, you have shown us nothing but love and loyalty by purchasing our music, playing our songs, and attending our live shows. You have all been a critical part of this band’s success for the last 18 years, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. So to show our appreciation, we would like to gift you our new song ‘Inside Yourself’ and say thank you for always having our back!”
Check it out and let us know what U guys think of the new song. Hopefully we get to hear them play it when the band is in town on November, 10th at the Marquee. Click here to buy tickets to the show.