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Halestorm's Lzzy Hale declares presidential election battle between "good vs. evil"

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Gibson

Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale has declared the upcoming U.S. presidential election between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and incumbent Donald Trump to be a battle between “good vs. evil.”

In a statement encouraging her fans to register to vote, Hale writes, “I’m not voting for blue over red. I’m not voting for MY team over YOUR team. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat election. THIS is a GOOD VS. EVIL election.”

Hale continues to list a number of things she’s voting “against,” including “hatred,” “racism,” “sexism,” “injustice” and “childish leadership.”

“I’m voting against the evil happening NOW,” Hale writes. “I’m voting against another 4 years of THIS.”

“Now is the time to abolish the wrong that we KNOW exists right NOW,” she adds. “THEN we will take the next step toward healing and change.”

Hale also shared a link to the nonpartisan voting registration website

Evanescence‘s Amy Lee retweeted Hale’s statement in support, writing, “Courageous warrior sister, I stand beside you 100%. This is a fight for freedom. Vote for your life.”  She also added the hashtags #VoteAgainst and #VoteHimOut2020.

By Josh Johnson
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