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John Holmberg


John Holmberg

The host and overlord of “Holmberg’s Morning Sickness”.

Holmberg has quarterbacked the morning show, Holmberg’s Morning Sickness, for more than a decade now. He shares the spotlight with his sidekicks Brady Bogen, Creepy E, and Dick Toledo. Other career highlights include co-writing sketches with comedian Frank Caliendo for his national television segment on Fox and ESPN and co-hosting the Adam Carolla podcast with the former ‘Loveline’ host.

He is well known among the Arizona pet rescue community for his generous contributions from on-air to on-site sponsoring benefits. He and his wife, Megan, have six dogs (SIX DOGS!) and they just purchased their dream home, a cabin in the mountains of Northern Arizona. He enjoys going to the movies, playing golf, making his sidekicks laugh, driving his boss crazy and heading “North”.