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Holmberg’s Morning Sickness

Holmberg’s Morning Sickness is broadcast live every weekday from 5:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. on 98 KUPD, Arizona’s Real Rock. John Holmberg is joined by co-hosts Brady Bogen, Creepy-E and Dick Toledo. Listen everyday as we interview comedians, talk smack to callers, and generally offend! If you miss any of the nonsense during the week you can catch HMS Rewind every Saturday from 6 a.m. – 10 a.m.

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The Brady Report 11/14/19

A Guy Got Kicked Out of a Strip Club . . . So He Tried to Blow It Up? Here Are the Predictions for the Trendiest Baby Names in 2020 (NC-17) Doctors Warn Women: Don’t Use Your Electric Toothbrush as a Vibrating Love Toy (NC-17) BarkBox Apologizes for Making a Thanksgiving Dog Toy That Looks Just Like a Fleshlight Twinkies ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/13/19

A Guy Caught Speeding Tells Police He Had to Rush Home . . . Because He Was Cheating on His Wife Scientists May Have Finally Figured Out Why We Get the Hiccups If You Hate Vegetables, It Might Be Genetic Are These the Worst Baby Names of 2019? A Company Will Pay You $1,000 to Only Shop at Local Stores ... Read More »

The Brady Report 11/12/19

A Guy Shot His Lifelong Friend Over an Argument About a College Football Game There’s a 76% Chance One of These Four Car Colors Is Your Favorite Half of People Listen to Music While They Work . . . and It Actually Makes Them More Efficient A New Recipe Shows How to Make a Mac and Cheese Thanksgiving Turkey One ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/28/19

A Study Finds That What Doesn’t Kill Your Career Only Makes It Stronger A Suspect Tries Hiding from the Cops in a Dumpster . . . Then Switches to a Port-a-Potty A Guy Who Said He Saw Yogi Bear at Yellowstone Was Busted with Eight Pounds of Meth in His Spare Tire Did a Mayor Get a Guy Fired Over ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/17/19

 A Man Tries to Meet an Underage Teen From Craigslist . . . Then Calls the FBI to Report the Boy Tried to…  The Best Places in America to Celebrate Oktoberfest  Olive Garden’s All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Passes Go on Sale Tomorrow  Only 34% of People Love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Plus Seven More Stats on Popular Fall Foods  The New iPhone Unlocks ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/16/19

After Nine Years Waiting for the Apocalypse, a Guy Comes Out of Hiding . . . and Immediately Goes to the Bar A Guy’s Sleep Recorder Picks Up No Paranormal Activity . . . Just His Flatulence The “Oxford English Dictionary” Adds Chillax, Promposal, Jedi, and Whatevs It’s National Boss’s Day . . . and Two-Thirds of People Would Rather ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/15/19

A Topless Lady Yells at Her Neighbor with Her Breasts Hanging Over the Fence . . . Which Attracts Unwanted… A Woman Was Arrested for Wearing a Bikini That Was Too Small Two Locksmiths Are Going Viral . . . For Locking Themselves Out of Their Shop Pineapple Mountain Dew Is Here and Apparently People Love It? Lay’s Is Now ... Read More »

The Brady Report 10/14/19

A 20-Year-Old Was Busted for Using a “McLovin” ID to Drink at a Bar An Ethics Teacher Flashed His Junk and Threatened to Fail a Student Who Turned Him Down (NC-17) Warning from Doctors: Do Not Use Toothpaste on Your Lady Parts What Type of Cuisine Looks Best on Instagram? The DMV May Start Charging a Fee for Walking in ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/30/19

Shocking News: A Guy Named Billy Bob Got Drunk and Did Something Dumb Cops Spent Two Hours Hunting for a Suspect Who Ran Into a Corn Maze Police Say If You’re Going to Toilet Paper a House, Ask Permission First and Clean Up After 46% of People Wish Smartphones Had Never Been Invented Today Is National Ask a Stupid Question ... Read More »

The Brady Report 9/27/19

A Guy Gets an AirDrop Message From a Driver Tailgating Him . . . Saying the Guy Has to Poop The “OK” Hand Gesture Has Now Been Classified as a Hate Symbol An Airline’s Seat Chart Shows Where Babies Are Sitting, So You Can Avoid Them A Guy Was Accused of Shoplifting . . . but the Bulge in His ... Read More »