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Fulton Homes celebrates Veterans Day by honoring The Pat Tillman Foundation and their 754 Tillman Scholars. Now through Veterans Day Fulton Homes and 98 KUPD will honor a different Tillman Scholar and their story each week. Fulton Homes and 98 KUPD will also make a donation to the Pat Tillman Foundation in honor of each scholar to go towards the foundation scholarships.

This week’s Fulton Homes Veteran’s Day Honor Roll Student is Christine Mott.


Chrissy entered the Air Force as a 17-year old cadet, intending to be a pilot or a flight surgeon. She completed a degree in biology in 2004, but decided to pursue the leadership opportunities presented by a career in aircraft maintenance over the chance to fly. Throughout 12 years of active duty service, Chrissy encountered a multitude of new ideas and cultures around the world.

Working in aircraft maintenance and information operations during two deployments allowed her to understand a larger, strategic picture and to identify the pieces required to solve interconnected issues. She learned to connect discrete ideas into a framework of actionable information, a skillset that is also valuable to scientific discovery. As she began to see patterns and connections between people, places, and things in various regions of the world, she also observed that humans have significantly impacted a number of sensitive ecosystems through conflict and modern conveniences.

When given the opportunity to teach biology at the Air Force Academy, Chrissy realized that her military skills could translate to solving problems in the natural world. Now, after taking a year off to work in the civilian sector and travel to new places, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Forestry at Northern Arizona University while continuing to serve in the Air Force Reserve. Her ultimate goal is to understand the impact of invertebrates on forest restoration, and to use science to advance public policy and education to improve the health of forest habitats around the world.


The Pat Tillman Foundation identifies remarkable veterans and military spouses as the next generation of leaders and helps them scale their impact as they enter their next chapter of service beyond self through academic scholarships, lifelong leadership development, and a global community of peers and supporters. For more information on the Pat Tillman Foundation and the impact of the Tillman Scholars, visit pattillmanfoundation.org.