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INTO THE PIT Playlist April 30th 2023



Into The Pit
Hosted By Marcus Meng Sunday Evenings 9pm-12am on 98KUPD
Play List For Sunday 4/30/23 Episode #1006
Artist Song Title Album Label
Sepultura Roots Bloody Roots Roots Roadrunner
Napalm Death Quarantined Utilitarian Century Media
Slipknot Disasterpiece Iowa Roadrunner
Moonspell Vampiria Wolfheart Century Media
Overkill The Surgeon Scorched Nuclear Blast
Jesus Piece Tunnel Vision …So Unknown Century Media
Dethklok Awaken The Dethalbum Williams Street
In Flames The Great Deceiver Forgone Nuclear Blast
*King Yosef Cascade Of Doubt An Underlying Hum Bleakhouse
Enforced Hanged By My Hand War Remains Century Media
Chimaira Pure Hatred The Impoosibility Of Reason Roadrunner
Fires In The Distance Wisdom Of Falling Leaves Air Not Meant For Us Prosthetic
Dying Fetus Unbridled Fury Unbridled Fury Relapse
Dark Funeral Where Shadows Forever Reign Where Shadows Forever Reign Century Media
Scattered Remnants Angelic Redemption Destined To Fail Repulse
Micawber The Cremation Of Care The Cremation Of Care Prosthetic
*Crown The Empire Dogma Dogma Rise
*Death Goals Year Of The Guillotine A Garden Of Dead Flowers Prosthetic
The Black Dahlia Murder Dawn Of Rats Verminous Metal Blade
Enslaved The Eternal Sea Heimdal Nuclear Blast
Spiritworld Moonlit Torture Deathwestern Century Media
Sunrot Gutter Main Master The Unfailing Rope Prosthetic
Blackbraid Barefoot Ghost Dance On Blood Soaked Soil Blackbraid I Independent
*Unearth Mother Betrayal The Wretched; The Ruinous Century Media
200 Stab Wounds Fatal Reality Masters Of Morbidity Metal Blade
Tribulation Hamartia Hamartia Century Media
Behemoth Rising Proudly Towards The Sky Grom Metal Blade
Venom Inc There’s Only Black There’s Only Black Nuclear Blast
Ten56 Ender Downer Out Of Line
*Teeth We Eat Our Young A Biblical Worship Of Violence Nuclear Blast
Mgla With Hearts Towards None III With Hearts Towards None Northern Heritage
*Entheos Clarity In Waves Time Will Take Us All Metal Blade
*Drain FTS (KYS) Living Proof Epitaph
*Countless Skies Summit Resonance Willowtip
Decapitated Instinct Blood Mantra Nuclear Blast
* Denotes Add
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