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INTO THE PIT Playlist August 21st 2022

Into The Pit
Hosted By Marcus Meng Sunday Evenings 9pm-12am on 98KUPD
Play List For Sunday 8/21/22 Episode #973
Artist Song Title Album Label
Emperor Inno A Satana In the Nightside Eclipse Candlelight
King Woman Shame Created In The Image Of Suffering Relapse
Devil Master Acid Black Mass Ecstasies Of Never Ending Night Relapse
Antichrist Siege Machine Melted Icons Of Christ Filth Of The World Stygian Black Hand
Cephlic Carnge Ohrwurm Misled By Certinty Relapse
Whores Playling Poor Gold eOne
Carcass Arbeit Macht Fleisch Heartwork Earache
Wolves In The Throne Room Mountain Magick Primordial Arcana Relapse
Mayhem Freezing Moon De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Deathlike Silence
Mgla With Hearts Towards None III With Hearts Towards None Northern Heritage
Akhlys Somniloquy Melinoë Debemur Morti Productions
Tribulation Daughter Of The Djinn Where The Gloom Becomes Sound Century Media
Blood Incantation Slave Species Of The Gods Hidden History Of The Human Race Dark Descent
No/Mas Verbal Abuse Last Laugh Horror Pain Gore Death
Frozen Soul Encased In Ice Crypt Of Ice Century Media
At The Gates The Book Of Sand At War With Reality Century Media
Gatecreeper Sweltering Madness Deserted Relapse
Intronaut Cubensis Fluid Existential Inversions Metal Blade
Liturgy Pasaqalia H.A.Q.Q. YLYLCYN
Cirith Ungol Brutish Manchild Half Past Human Metal Blade
Creepign Death Bloodlust Contamination Wretched Illusions eOne
Katatonia Lacquer City Burials Peaceville
Rotting Christ Elthe Kyrie Rituals Season Of Mist
Amenra De Evenmens De Doorn Relapse
Paradise Lost Ghosts Obsidian Nuclear Blast
High On Fire Electric Messiah Electric Messiah eOne
Undeath Acidic Twilight Visions Lesions Of A Different Kind Prosthetic
Midnight Snake Obsession Let There Be Witchery Metal Blade
Warthog Corroded Warthog Static Shock
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