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INTO THE PIT Playlist February 21st 2021

Into The Pit
Hosted By Marcus Meng Sunday Evenings 9pm-12am on 98KUPD
Play List For Sunday 2/21/21 Episode #900
Artist Song Title Album Label
Kvelertak Snilepisk Meir Roadrunner
Black Crown Initiate Death Comes In Reverse Violent Portraits Of A Doomed Escape Century Media
Emperor Cosmic Keys To My Creations & Times In The Nightside Eclipse Candlelight
*Sodom Dehumanized Genesis XIX Steamhammer
Darkthrone Tundra Leech Arctic Thunder Peaceville
*Architects Animals For Those That Wish To Exist Epitaph
Kataklysm Cut Me Down Unconquered Nuclear Blast
*Gravesend Ashen Piles Of The Incinerated Methods Of Human Disposal 20 Buck Spin
Slayer Cult Christ Illusion American
Every Time I Die AWOL N/A Epitaph
Lehavoth Iconoclastic Hatred Shaped Man Fadeless
Lamb Of God Ghost Shaped People Lamb Of God Deluxe Epic
Cannibal Corpse Inhumane Harvest Violence Unimagined Metal Blade
Iotunn The Weaver System Access All Worlds Metal Blade
Wolfheart Skull Soldiers Skull Soldiers EP Napalm
*Pallbearer The Quicksand Of Existing Forgotten Days Nuclear Blast
*Korpse Insufferable Violence Insufferable Violence Unique Leader
Gojira Born For One Thing Fortitude Roadrunner
Plague Years Incantation Circle Of Darkness eOne
Humanity’s Last Breath Glutton Välde Unique Leader
*Asphyx Molten Black Earth Necroceros Century Media
*Six Feet Under Without Your Life Nightmares Of The Decomposed Metal Blade
Exhumed Carrion Call Necrocracy Relapse
Tribulation Hour Of The Wolf Where The Gloom Becomes Sound Metal Blade
Toxic Ruin Ritual Rebirth Nightmare Eclipse M-Theory
God Forbid Anti Hero Gone Forever Century Media
*Undeath Kicked In The Protruding Guts Lesions Of A Different Kind Prosthetic
Killer Be Killed Comfort From Nothing Reluctant Hero Nuclear Blast
*Einherjer The Blood And The Iron North Star Napalm
*Ilsa Preyer Preyer Relapse
Incantation Guardians From The Primeval Sect Of Vile Divinities Relapse
Product Of Hate You Brought This War You Brought This War Napalm
* Denotes Add
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