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INTO THE PIT Playlist May 21st 2023



Into The Pit
Hosted By Marcus Meng Sunday Evenings 9pm-12am on 98KUPD
Play List For Sunday 5/21/23 Episode #1009
Artist Song Title Album Label
Heaven Shall Burn Land Of The Upright Ones Veto Century Media
Cattle Decapitation A Photic Doom Terrasite Metal Blade
*Kostnatění Rukojmí empatie Úpal Willowtip
Lamb Of God Desolation Resolution Epic
Nightmarer Throe Of Illicit Withdrawal Deformity Adrift Vendetta
Sisters Of Mercy Doctor Jeep Vision Thing Elektra
Revocation The Intervening Abyss of Untold Aeons Netherheaven Metal Blade
Harms Way Become A Machine Posthuman Metal Blade
*Thulcandra Acheronian Cult Hail The Abyss Napalm
Bloodbath Zombie Inferno Survival Of The Sickest Napalm
Devil Master Acid Black Mass Ecstasies Of Never Ending Night Relapse
Sword Of Darkness Where Thy Infernal Hordes Dwell Heathendom Trinity Music
Mélancolia Dread Will Follow Hiss Through Rotting Teeth Nuclear Blast
Candy Human Condition Above Human Opinion Heaven Is Here Relapse
Kreator Hate Uber Alles Hate Uber Alles Nuclear Blast
Cloak The Holy Dark Black Flame Eternal Season Of Mist
Every Time I Die The Coin Has A Say Low Teens Epitaph
*Decayer Sonoran Death Sonoran Death Seek & Strike
*Vomitory All Heads Are Gonna Roll All Heads Are Gonna Roll Metal Blade
Brujeria La Migra Raza Odiada Roadrunner
Enforced Aggressive Menace War Remains Century Media
Darkthrone Impeccable Caverns Of Satan Astral Fortress Peaceville
*Arrival Of Autumn Scars Kingdom Undone Nuclear Blast
Midnight Telepathic Nightmare Let There Be Witchery Metal Blade
Devildriver The Relationship Is Broken Dealing With Demons Vol II Napalm
Imperial Triumphant Merkurius Gilded Spirit of Ecstasy Century Media
Gozu Tom Cruise Control Remedy Metal Blade
Frozen Soul Arsenal Of War Glacial Domination Century Media
Slayer Cult Christ Illusion American
Slaughter To Prevail Baby Yaga Kostolom Sumerian
The Dillinger Escape Plan Limerent Death Dissociation Party Smasher
Enterprise Earth Where Dreams Are Broken The Chosen MNRK
Rammstein Deutschland Rammstein Universal
In Flames Where The Dead Ships Dwell Sounds Of A Playground Fading Century Media
* Denotes Add
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