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Ivan Moody's using ex-band mates' reunion to inspire new Five Finger Death Punch album: "Challenge accepted"

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On Friday, ex-Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer released an EP with his new band, Pyschosexual. Notably, two of the included tracks feature guitar solos from fellow former Death Punch member Jason Hook.

News of Spencer and Hook’s reunion apparently found its way to FFDP frontman Ivan Moody, who released an Instagram video commenting on the news, which he says he first thought was a “joke.”

“I’m excited,” Moody says. “I’m not patronizing. I’m not, this comes from my heart. Jason and Jeremy, congratulations. I know you two have waited to do something together for years, and now you have the platform to do it, man. So let’s see what you got.”

The singer adds that he could take Spencer and Hook teaming up as a “spit in the face,” but instead is using it to inspire the new Five Finger Death Punch album.

“I hope the two of you write the greatest f***ing album you can muster,” Moody says. “Challenge accepted. I’ll be your huckleberry. Because as of today, I am personally gonna make sure that this new Death Punch album is like nothing you’ve ever f***ing heard before.”

For what it’s worth, Spencer and Hook didn’t issue any specific “challenge” to Moody with the EP. Additionally, it hasn’t been announced whether the two will continue to work together on future Psychosexual releases, or whether Hook’s contributions to the EP were a one-time occasion.

Moody also commented on an apparent quote about Psychosexual, which read, “The sex appeal has left Five Finger Death Punch.”

“I didn’t know we were out for Calvin Klein ads,” Moody says.

Spencer, a founding member of FFDP, left the band in 2018. Hook’s departure was just announced this past October.

By Josh Johnson
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