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Lorde reflects on 10-year anniversary of ‘Pure Heroine’

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Lorde is looking back at her landmark 2013 debut album, Pure Heroine, in honor of its 10th anniversary.

“You may (like me most of the time) hold the opinion that this album has been MYTHOLOGIZED QUITE ENOUGH,” the artist writes in a letter to fans posted by the Lorde’s Email Archives Tumblr. “But a milestone is a milestone, so I thought coming here and typing some s*** to u about this time would be a fun thing for those who care.”

Lorde goes on to reflect on the circumstances that led up to Pure Heroine, working with producer Joel Little, her approach to fashion — “God, this aesthetic, It’s just TOO MUCH,” she quips — and the technology of the time.

“A lot of stuff isn’t good after ten years,” Lorde writes. “But I am still totally touched by this sweet record. I have deep respect for the vision of the little one making it.”

Pure Heroine was a handful of Photo Booth selfies and emotional Word documents and Tumblr posts (and a gorgeous over-decorated bedroom) before it was even one song,” she continues. “I had no reason, on paper, to believe that I was capable of anything. But if you can trust that the first impulse you had to create came from a place of deep wisdom, develop a few principles for your decision-making, and absorb a lot of stuff you find inspiring, you’ll have something special on your hands.”

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