UCrew Update

March Man’s Madness 2018

Which is better? Butts or Beer? Steak or $2000 in Bitcoin? Ending AIDs or Eliminating Social Media. Fill our your bracket and then listen every weekday at 4PM until the final on March 28th where the champion will be crowned! The person who correctly predicts the champion will be crowned The Manly Master and win the grand prize: Tickets to Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, Shinedown tickets and a sweet ass KUPD grab bag.

The competitors:

Big Butts: RETURNING 2017 CHAMPION. You love ‘em and just cant lie
Tight Ass: Firm enough to bounce a quarter off it. If yr into that throwing change at the bootay
$2000 dollars in Bitcoin: Yr going to win big! It’s a sure thing! A total lock.
$2000 dollars in Veags: : Yr going to win big! It’s a sure thing! A total lock.
Beer: The source of the best worst choices in every mans life
Steak: Juicy and perfect, the king of manly meals.
(End One) Social Media: Facebook? More the GTFO-book. The complete elimination of all social media
(End One) AIDS: You know? AIDS. Team America sang that everybody’s got it and nobody wants it. The complete elimination of AIDS