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McFeelie’s McMovie Review: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)


10 Cloverfield Lane is setup to be the distant relative of the original Clover…Wait wait wait wait… stop right there.

You need to understand before seeing this movie that it is NOT about a giant lizard-like monster that comes from the water and terrorizes the city.

This is a story about a woman (Michelle) involved in a horrible car accident.  When she awakens, she finds herself in a bunker with a doomsday prepper (Howard) who explains that there’s been an attack, and they cannot leave.

Also trapped in the bunker is Emmitt, who explains to Michelle that the air outside is contaminated.  Howard proves the point by showing his dead rotting pig carcasses to Michelle through a tony window at one end of the bunker. 

John Goodman is fantastic.  Not over the top at all.  In fact, he’s very quiet…at some moments too quiet, which really adds to the confusion of what’s happening throughout the film.

Trust does not come easily between the three.  As time goes on, the truth about what has happened outside, and why they are all together is revealed.

I’ll give you a tiny Easter Egg from 10 Cloverfield Lane…  At one point in the film, we see an envelope sitting on Howard’s table from the “Bold Futura” corporation.  This is the same satellite company who in the first movie, was responsible for losing a satellite dish in the Atlantic Ocean, and possibly having something to do with the awakening of the original Cloverfield monster.  So Howard (John Goodman’s character), worked for that same satellite company. 

Without giving away too much of the story, that’s about as far as I can go.  Really great movie though and I would highly recommend it!

Two thumbs up!