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McFeelie’s McMovie Review: Godzilla VS. King Kong (2021)


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A tech upgraded storyline combined with epic battles makes for a monster of a good time!

I don’t pretend to act like I know everything about Godzilla.  In fact, for someone who is so heavily into science fiction like me, it’s surprising that I’ve never really been a giant fan of Godzilla movies.  

For my first time back in a movie theater since before the pandemic began, I thought it would make sense to enjoy the gigantic theater experience at IMAX and I was so glad I did.  And that’s not just because I ordered movie theater popcorn and nachos with a cherry Slurpee!  So good.

There’s a lot going on during the battle sequences in this movie, and seeing it on a huge screen helped out a lot.  Plus it’s always nice to have that complete surround sound.  Hearing Kong’s breath coming up from behind you before he wallops Godzilla right in the face resulting in a bass thud so low that the seats are shaking around you is the kind of experience you want while watching this movie.  Hey, I love watching movies at home too, but you just can’t get the IMAX experience at home.  Unless you’re Dan Harkins. ; )

My biggest fear when watching a Godzilla movie is the fact that I know I’ll have to sit through a lot of boring scenes with characters I don’t care about before getting to the good stuff… Titan battle scenes!  Godzilla VS. Kong actually does a really nice job of keeping things moving and although there are plenty of characters in the movie, I didn’t feel like they spent too much time overly focusing on them.  That being said, there was a little girl in the movie who is hearing impaired and she can communicate with Kong and that was actually kind of touching.  I wasn’t expecting to find any part of the story moving and I thought that was pretty cool.

The fight sequences are unreal and the visual effects are stunning.  Everything just looks so realistic now. It’s incredible.  

The movie is actually short, not too short but just shorter than what you expect at only an hour and 53 minutes.  Which makes it’s the shortest film in the monsterverse.

I give Godzilla VS. Kong 7.5 out of 10 stars.

I liked this movie because it was exactly what I wanted it to be… really cool realistic-looking Godzilla VS. Kong battle scenes with some futuristic flair added in with a small amount of backstory.

Godzilla VS. Kong is in theaters now and available on HBO Max.