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McFeelie’s McMovie Review: REGRESSION (2016)



Regression is set in Minnesota in the 1980’s and tells the story of a detective investigating a man accused of having sexually abused his daughter.  Yikes.

Ethan Hawk plays the detective working on the case, and despite the father (John Gray) not remembering a thing, he still admits to sexually abusing his own daughter (Angela Gray), who is played by Emma Watson of “Harry Potter” fame.  Side note: Is it just me or is Emma Watson starting to get really hot?  I first noticed that in the movie “Noah” when she was getting’ it on in the forest.  Is that weird of me?  Anyway…

After a regression therapy is initiated on the father by a Professor (played by David Thewlis), more town members become potential suspects to the sexual abuse and even possible Satanic ritualistic abuse as well.  Scary, right?

Officer goofball (Nesbitt) is considered a suspect due to his close relationship to the Gray family, but concentration remains on the father and family members throughout multiple regression therapy sessions.  The regression project begins to spiral out of control, bringing out all sorts of memories that before, no one had any recollection of.  Memories including ritual animal abuse and child sacrifices.  Be aware: That’s never viewed as a good thing. 

The police force decides that the possibility of Satanic cults committing illegal acts within the community is so real, that they issue copies of a satanic book for all of the police officers to read. That way the entire force is aware of the severity of the madness they are dealing with.

Detective Bruce Kenner (not Jenner, but that would be a funny spoof) falls deeper into the rabbit hole and the paranoia and conspiracy theories continue to grow.  The FBI even chimes in and admits that this whole Satanic cult thing may just be bigger than anyone ever imagined.  Hmph!

The film carries an interesting twist at the end that brings the whole plot back around to making SOME logical sense.

I give it a thumbs up.  If you’re looking for a Crime/Drama/Mystery, this could be a fun one for U!

Rated R for Rrrrrrrrrreally good.

– Larry McFeelie