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McFeelie’s McMovie Review: Voyagers (2021)



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Lord of the Flies in Outer Space!

Voyagers stars Colin Farrell (Richard), Tye Sheridan (Christopher), Lily-Rose Depp (Sela), and Fionn Whitehead (Zac) and are in theaters now.

In 2063, Scientists find a new planet that can support human life as planet Earth is becoming unlivable.  Typical ‘end of the world as we know it’ scenario.

The voyage to the new planet will take 86 years.  The crew is bred on Earth specifically for the mission, then raised on the ship, and their grandchildren will be the ones to complete the mission.  Colin Farrell’s character, Richard, is the ship’s chief officer and leader of the children… raising them, teaching them, and tucking them into bed each night.

After the voyage begins, we quickly jump into the future where the kids are now young adults.  Christopher and his friend Zac discover that the whole crew is being drugged through their ‘daily dose of vitamins in the form of a blue drink rendering them less sensitive to experiencing feelings and emotions.

Once the boys are off the medication, sensations run wild which leads to others getting off ‘the blue’, F and eventually Colin Farrell’s character mysteriously dies while outside fixing the ship.

Christopher becomes the ship’s new Chief Officer which creates jealousy from his friend Zac, who is able to use scare tactics among the rest of the crew to get them off of ‘the blue’ and on to his side.  

In the meantime, Christopher and Sela are becoming closer and developing a relationship.  Sela is played by Lily-Rose Depp and the new relationship with Christopher really pisses off Zac.  

Zac continues the fear-mongering by telling everyone it was an alien that killed Richard, the alien is inside of the ship, and it’s all Christopher’s fault.  He explains that he should be the new leader and he will protect everyone from the alien.  The crew separates into two groups.  

Christopher’s group finds out that it was actually Zac that killed Richard by shocking him to death while he was in space.  They play the surveillance video for the crew proving that Zac is the bad guy, but Zach explains his way out of things by continuing with the scare tactics.

Zac’s crew arm themselves with whatever they can find and even eventually obtain real guns that were hidden in a secret compartment on the ship and the chase is on.  It’s Zac’s team against Christopher’s team!

Christopher and Sela end up trapped in an airlock with only one way out…to space.  

Zac is launched out into space, leaving Christopher and Sela safe to continue the mission with the rest of the crew who realize that Zac was no good, to begin with.

The story was very simple and predictable.  When I originally saw the trailer for this movie it had a really big feel to it like “Interstellar” or “Alien”, so that’s what I was expecting.  The premise of the story was great.  The acting was very average.  I like Colin Farrell a lot and he wasn’t in the movie long enough.  I like Tye Sheridan too, but everyone just seemed desensitized even after they were off the blue drink that made them act that way?