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Nickelback's Mike Kroeger recalls the 'All the Right Reasons' "mass hysteria" for album's 15th anniversary


Nickelback‘s massive 2005 album All the Right Reasons turns 15 this Sunday. The diamond-certified record spawned hit singles in “Photograph,” “Rockstar,” “Savin’ Me,” “Animals,” “Far Away,” “If Everyone Cared” and “Side of a Bullet,” and launched the Canadian rockers into a new stratosphere filled with adoring fans, and a whole lot of critics, too.

Bassist Mike Kroeger tells ABC Audio that he remembers the recording sessions for All the Right Reasons “quite a bit.” What came after, though, felt like “living in the eye of a hurricane.”

“You’re sitting in a bubble of peace while all hell’s breaking loose all around you, in a global way,” Kroeger shares. “It’s, like, get on a plane, get off the plane, mass hysteria, interviews, tours.”

“Everything’s just completely crazy, and you’re sitting in a hotel room watching CNN trying to find out if we’re gonna go to war again or something like that, and the whole world’s going nuts for your music,” he continues. “It’s a very unusual place to be.”

Nickelback previously had success with the single “How You Remind Me,” but All the Right Reasons put them on a whole new level that they never saw coming.

“Being humble people, we don’t ever presume that anything’s great, we just keep working,” Kroeger says. “We just work. And if it’s great, it’s not within our power. People decide what’s great.”

To celebrate the anniversary, Nickelback has released a deluxe All the Right Reasons reissue, featuring bonus acoustic tracks, live recordings and a Queen cover.

“It will be interesting to see what people think,” Kroeger says of the reissue, which is out today. “I think, like everything, the fans are gonna love it, the curious will make their mind up, and the haters are gonna hate it.”

By Josh Johnson
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