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Papa Roach drops "Reloaded" version of "Last Resort" featuring TikTok star Jeris Johnson

Credit: Stephanie Moser

Papa Roach has teamed up with TikTok star Jeris Johnson to deliver a new version of the band’s signature song, “Last Resort.”

The updated recording, dubbed “Last Resort (Reloaded),” features new lyrics and verses by Johnson, as well as modern production elements built around the original’s nu metal sound. You can download it now via digital outlets.

“‘Last Resort (Reloaded)’ is a song surrounded by magic,” Johnson says in a statement. “The original ‘Last Resort’ is one of the most impactful and loved songs from an entire generation of music (and my childhood). There is an energy to that song that has just made it a living breathing art form at this point.”

As Johnson explains, the collaboration came about after he posted his own personal “Last Resort” remix on TikTok.

“The reaction and reception was so overwhelming that me (a random kid on TikTok) got the attention of a legacy band and the invitation to team up and remake ‘Last Resort’ for an entirely new generation,” he says. “I don’t give a f*** what anyone says, that’s magic.”

“It was amazing to hear that Jeris connected with the track the same way people all over the world have,” Papa Roach adds. “That conversation of ‘Last Resort’ and its impact on all types of people hasn’t stopped for 20 years, and we were stoked to ‘Reload’ it for a new generation to keep that conversation going.”

A video for “Last Resort (Reloaded)” will premiere this Thursday, January 28.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

By Josh Johnson
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