HMS Relapse

HMS Relapse is a behind the scenes look at Holmberg’s Morning Sickness. If you've ever wanted to know what happens when the mics are off, HMS Relapse is the show for you! Enjoy the best moments from that week’s show, exclusive interviews with cast and their guests, and hear everything Holmberg and the gang wanted to say but couldn't. Hosted by Jeremy Thomas.

Latest Episodes

HMS Relapse Episode 17

On this weeks episode we talk about John’s idea for an animated show, the teacher that got caught shooting porn in her classroom, and who would John want Megan to…

HMS Relapse Episode 15

On this weeks episode, we talk about John’s dog Ben, How Dale made fun or John for being upset his dog died, and we find out if John would bang…

HMS Relapse Episode 14

On this weeks episode, we talk about hidden racist symbols, John’s new bumper sticker, sex dungeons, and John possibly getting a roommate.

HMS Relapse Episode 13

On this week’s episode, we talk about horror stories about being a Lyft driver, the commercial shoot at John’s house, the beehive lady, and John’s Vegas trip.

HMS Relapse Episode 12

On this week’s episode we recap Easter Keg Hunt and U-Fest 2019 and we talk about Brady’s new truck and #ChachingChavez.

HMS Relapse Episode 11

On this week’s episode, John and I talk about juice cleanses, Holmberg’s Undercover live show, and company parties.

HMS Relapse Episode 10

On this weeks episode we talk about politics and crazy people and we get into some Brady talk.

HMS Relapse Episode 9

On this week’s episode the Chancellor and I talking about the ever-growing details of the Jesse Smollett case, we talk about celebrities commenting on the Michael Jackson documentary, and we…

HMS Relapse Episode 8

On this week’s episode, we give the full recap on the butt plug bet!

HMS Relapse Episode 7

One this weeks episode John and I talk about the Michael Jackson documentary, transgender athletes, and John becoming a member of the Phoenix Mercury.