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Pop Evil's Leigh Kakaty breaks down band's "experimental" new single, "Work"

Credit: Ashley Osborn

When Leigh Kakaty first wrote Pop Evil‘s new single “Work,” he didn’t intend for it to be the band’s latest hit single. In fact, he didn’t even intend for it to be a Pop Evil song at all.

As the frontman tells ABC Audio, he originally wrote what became “Work” as a way to get his “athletic friends,” who aren’t as into rock, to listen to heavier music.

“I figured if we could have some of that language that they understand and smother it with guitars, which everyone loves, maybe they’d be more open to hear the voices of us singing more rock and metal music,” Kakaty explains.

After he wrote “Work,” he shared it with his close friends and family, who were “flipping out” at the song. Eventually, it made its way to his Pop Evil band mates.

“The band, they were, like, ‘Wow, this is awesome. We don’t have anything like this in our live show, what if we could just give it a go?'” Kakaty recalls. “As it started to take shape and the band added their two cents, it was just obvious that it felt, like, ‘Wow, this is a special song.'”

“Work” certainly takes Pop Evil into a new musical direction — in fact, Kakaty calls it the band’s “most experimental song,” which is why he’s so pumped to play it live. He’s also excited that such a unique song in the Pop Evil catalog is the lead single off the band’s upcoming sixth studio album.

“We just felt like, you know, it’s our first single, we gotta come different,” Kakaty says. 

“Work” currently sits in the top 10 on Billboard‘s Mainstream Rock Songs chart.

By Josh Johnson
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