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Fulton Homes: Pick Of The Litter

John’s Pick Of The Litter

Hi everyone! I’m Eska and I’m a real special gal that needs an experienced dog owner. I am beautiful and bright and such a nice size. I do need to be the only dog in the home and I require attentiveness and time to help me blossom into the best dog I can be! If you think I’m the cutest, call our office and set up a special appointment to meet with me and my friends who’ve been working with me. I’m smart, attentive and I really want to please those I am am closest to and bond with. I love toys and treats and they are a great reward for me after a nice outing. I can’t wait to meet you too! Click HERE to meet me!

Thanks to our friends at Lost Our Home Pet Rescue for waiving the adoption fee for each adopted Pick of the Litter!