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Fulton Homes: Pick Of The Litter

John’s Pick Of The Litter

Meet Starsky!

Boy oh boy have you stumbled upon one special dog! I’m Starsky and the most unforgettable character you’ll ever meet. I’ve had an unfortunate past filled with lots of abuse and have many scars to show for my battle wounds. I am thankful to now have a second chance in life to live the rest of my days filled with care and compassion. I may have experienced some dark times, but you would never know it by how SWEET I am. Seriously, I am a whole 60 lbs of nothing but love! I am a high energy dude looking for an active human that is willing to show off my strength and speed. I’m as tenacious as they come, and with a determined person to help me, I know anything we put our minds to we will achieve together! I run great on a leash, but if we aren’t running I get really excited and can be quite the puller! Because of this, I will need a strong handler and someone who is able to handle my silly jumpy ways. But truth be told, I am actually a lap dog at heart! There’s no better spot than right on top of my human…I just love all of your attention! Being the people pleaser I am, I look forward to any obedience training you bring my way. I think training and treats is one of my favorite ways to bond with my best human friends and if good manners makes YOU happy, then they make me happy too <3. I’m a real sucker for some pets, and spending a whole night cuddled up by your side sounds like heaven to me. I haven’t even met you yet and I know we will be best friends. Contact Lost Our Home today to find out if I am the rescue you’ve been searching for! Click HERE to meet me!

Thanks to our friends at Lost Our Home Pet Rescue for waiving the adoption fee for each adopted Pick of the Litter!



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