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Sevendust frontman teases upcoming blues & country-influenced solo album

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

With Sevendust off the road due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, frontman Lajon Witherspoon has used his time at home to finish working on his debut solo album.

Speaking to ABC Audio, Witherspoon shares that working on his solo record has reminded him of when Sevendust was first starting out.

“There’s some label interest in me,” Witherspoon says. “I can’t believe that I’m gonna get a record deal, so that’s funny.”

“It brings me back to being a kid, 20-something years old when I signed a record deal with Sevendust,” he adds. “To think that my solo stuff is gonna do something like that is really fun.”

As for what the album will sound like, Witherspoon says the material is “more sing-y” than his work in Sevendust, and will include more blues and country influences.  “It’s a lot of things that Sevendust, we don’t do,” he explains.

Still, Witherspoon is confident Sevendust fans will “dig” his solo stuff.

“It’s the same guy!” he laughs. 

Sevendust released their latest album, Blood & Stone, last October.

By Josh Johnson
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