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Fitz is the afternoon (2p-7p) host and he possesses the superpower of “Invulnerability” and NOTHING can take him down.  Whether it’s a D&D match, online game, or an interview with a rockstar… Fitz will always give you the straight truth and won’t ever back down.  Listen every weekday during the 5:00 pm hour for Maximum Rock: Commercial-Free Music for Your Ride Home.

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Fitz Interviews Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor called in and chatted with Fitz for a bit about his new solo record, Stone Sour hiatus, Slipknot hiatus, & working in a sex shop. Pre-order Corey’s new...


The fabled treasure of the Frozen Keep has lured adventures for decades and none have returned. The deadly snows of Mount Undle hide untold dangers, endless riches, and amazing adventure! The game will be on October 10th at Noon on Zoom and Fitz is DM’ing live from Bookman Entertainment Exchange in Mesa! There is room for 4 adventures and if you’re ready to grab your mittens, sword, shield, and spellbook, click here to sign up for D&D emails to join in.

Thanks to Bookman’s Entertainment Exchange for supporting the gaming community for over 40 years. If you need any RPG books or gear, Bookmans Has It.

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