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Fitz Interviews Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor called in and chatted with Fitz for a bit about his new solo record, Stone Sour hiatus, Slipknot hiatus, & working in a sex shop. Pre-order Corey’s new...

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Learn and play D&D with Fitz at Athoria Games

The Valkyries’ Vengeance is upon us, and Fitz needs your help to claim victory! Join Fitz and Griffin Maria on May 20th at Athoria Games Tempe for an epic one-shot. 4 brave adventurers will find themselves caught between the forces of life and death itself. Will they beat the odds and return order to the world, or will they fall to an army of the undead? Only the boldest dare face The Valkyries Vengeance Experienced players can sign up here.

New to D&D? Join DM Nichole and DM Matt’s fun starter sessions at 11 AM, 12 PM, and 1 PM. These are great for all ages and all new players get a free set of dice! Click here to secure your spot.


Athoria Games has two locations in Tempe and Mesa and offers games at all skill levels. Hone your skills and create unforgettable memories with their knowledgeable staff and great value. Visit for all the details.



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