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The Brady Report 10/26/20

I had to see it on my timeline. Now it’s your turn. 🤢 — RDream (@RDream22) October 26, 2020 So Really, Do You Believe in Ghosts? Lots of People...

The Brady Report 10/22/20

This bird.. Sound up! 🎶 — Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) October 20, 2020 Before You Get Your Flu Shot, Get a Good Night’s Sleep A Guy Caught Pleasuring Himself in Truck...

The Brady Report 10/21/20

A Guy Is Arrested for Throwing a Pumpkin and Its Innards at His Girlfriend Are These the Ten Most Important Inventions of All Time? Dim Romantic Lighting Can Make Your...

The Brady Report 10/19/20

The sound.. 🎥 TT: jo_stereo — Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) October 18, 2020 A Drunk Driver with No Arms or Legs Crashes into a Cop Car A Suspect Repeatedly Tells the...

The Brady Report 10/15/20

A Brawl Breaks Out After a Guy Passes Gas in an Uber A Guy Attacks His Girlfriend’s Son Over Some Bad Yelp Reviews Walmart’s Plan to Avoid a Black Friday...

The Brady Report 10/14/20

Editorial credit: Betto Rodrigues /  A Guy in a $470,000 Rolls-Royce Crashed Into a $200,000 Lamborghini . . . Then Fled the Scene A News Anchor Revealed Her Affair...

The Brady Report 10/13/20

A Guy Dressed as Superman for Halloween Avoids Jail for Headbutting Someone Over a Bible Here’s the Newest List of the Best Places to Live in America 9% of People...

The Brady Report 10/12/20

A Tourist Who Stole Artifacts From Pompeii Returns Them After They Cursed Her (NC-17) A Priest Is Busted for Having a Threesome with Two Dominatrixes on the Altar Dollar General...

The Brady Report 10/2/20

A Woman Is Busted for Getting-It-On with Herself in Front of a 7-Eleven A 67-Year-Old Who Calls Herself “Lady Ninja” and Trains to “Eye of the Tiger” Took Down an...

The Brady Report 10/1/20

The Owner of an Organic Health Food Store Is Busted for Selling Meth A Court Rules That Subway’s Bread Is Too Sugary to Count as Bread Mountain Dew Flavored Hot...

The Brady Report 9/30/20

A Man’s Attempt to Break His Wife Out of Jail in a Helicopter Goes Wrong in Many Different Ways An Etiquette Teacher Fights Off a Mugger Dressed as a Ninja...

The Brady Report 9/23/20

A Guy Showing Off His Gun at the Grocery Store Accidentally Shoots Himself in the Junk 4% of People Have Moved to Avoid Cleaning Something at Their House Pumpkin Spice...

The Brady Report 9/16/20

 A Female Sumo Champ in Pennsylvania Breaks into a House to Get Back Her Cat Named James Bond  A Police Helicopter Pilot Gets a Burglary Alert from His Doorbell Cam...

The Brady Report 9/14/20

 A Woman Is Busted Cutting Off Her Hand for the Insurance Money  When You Say “I Love You” To Your Dog, Their Heart Rate Skyrockets  The 2020 Finalists for the...

Happy Valentine's Day

I forgot what we talked about this week but it was good so listen.

Run Dom, Run!

On this week’s episode, we discuss Brady’s new polyamory lifestyle, his obsession with the zoo, and the state of Dom’s heart health, or lack thereof.

John Questions Mortality

On this week’s episode, we talk about the death of Kobe Bryant and the other lost in the helicopter crash, we talk societies reaction and anger over Ari Shaffir’s posts about Kobe’s death, we also get into some Phoenix Open Talk, and Cubs talk.

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

On this week’s episode, we get into a timely discussion about John’s holiday vacation, we talk about John’s feelings on bumper stickers, and how John almost killed Frank Caliendo’s son.

Sticks and Stones

In this week’s episode, John and I talk about high school band names, talk about the release of the NFL player for tweeting an offensive word, and talk about John’s first world problems.


On this week’s episode, we dive into the new details in the Myles Garrett vs Mason Rudolph helmet controversy and John fights for the rights of the good looking.

Is there Video?

On this week’s episode, we suspect Dom has failed again, talk about the time John Thought he was going to get punched by Mike Tyson, and we talk about John’s love of boxing.

Now with 100% more video!

On this week’s episode, we reveal the new video aspect of the show, John dancing like no one is watching, and Dom hides behind the chair.

Johnny Steele

On this week’s episode we talk about John’s hatred for The Doors, Brady Fieri, Burning Man, and Mediums.

John and the Q

On this week’s episode we talk about the new Joker movie, Toledo’s latest parental discovery, and find out why John loves the letter Q.

John and The Mystery Pills

On this weeks episode, John has a headache and questions the medicine he is given, we talk about furries, Brady and his interview skills, and John drops a whole lot of names.

John Has A Head Cold

On this weeks episode FOOTBALL IS BACK! and John and I are both not happy after the first week, we talk about John’s trip to Pittsburg and how Toledo has a knack for following along.

John Likes Piles Of Meat

On this week’s episode, we recap the Heat Stroke Open, Megan has the nerve to ask John to go to the grocery store, and we talk about how the news should really end.

John's Dr. Phil Moment

On this weeks episode, we talk about John’s questionable text messages he sends to his mother, We preview the Heat Stroke Open, and John finally gets to the root of his childhood issues.



Comedian…Impressionist…Boxer…Dog Lover…Funniest Man Alive…

John has been the host of Holmberg’s Morning Sickness for 20 years!  John’s superpower is one of “Power Mimicry”.  No power is as great as power mimicry, which allows him to copy whatever it is that another with superpowers can do. His mimicry powers can be observed during The Guadalupe Squares every Friday morning in the 9:00 am hour.  Tune in Weekdays from 5:30 am-10:00 am to hear the longest-running morning show on 98KUPD… and the best. 



Actor…Mascot…Christian…Family Man…Tennis Pro…

Brady is the co-host of Holmberg’s Morning Sickness and has been with 98KUPD for 20 years!  Brady is the master of his superpower, “Reality Warping”.  It allows him to bend and create a reality that best suits him.  He utilizes his power each morning as heard during The Brady Report, What Would Brady Do?, and Hot Releases. Tune in Weekdays from 5:30 am-10:00 am to hear the longest-running morning show on 98KUPD… and the best. 



Producer…Chef…Home Improvement Specialist…Boxer…Dad…

Dick Toledo is the co-host and producer of Holmberg’s Morning Sickness.  Dick possesses the superpower of “Reactive Evolution”.  Yeah, we didn’t know what that was either.  Basically, he can adapt to any environment or situation, no matter how harsh, and he’s practically immune to change.  Behind the scenes, Dick is using his superpowers to setup the ever-changing environment and scenarios that arise throughout the morning of Holmberg’s Morning Sickness.  Tune in Weekdays from 5:30 am-10:00 am to hear the longest-running morning show on 98KUPD… and the best.