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"Snuff" the sweets: Corey Taylor resolves to cut out sugar in 2021

Francesco Prandoni/Getty Images

Corey Taylor is hoping to leave sugar in 2020.

In an interview with Kerrang!, the Slipknot frontman says his New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to cut out sugar completely from his diet.

“I’ll tell you what: it’s been the one thing that’s been the hardest for me to really let go of,” Taylor admits. “I’ve quit smoking, I’ve quit drinking, I’ve quit drugs; I’ve quit all that stuff. But this is the one that’s kind of hanging around.”

The “Duality” rocker adds that he has a “ridiculous” sweet tooth.

“I once filled a red Solo cup with peanut butter and a half bag of M&Ms and ate it like it was a bowl of cereal,” Taylor shares.

“This is the kind of person you’re dealing with,” he laughs.

Taylor fulfilled a long-held resolution in 2020 when he finally released his debut solo album, CMFT, last fall.

By Josh Johnson
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