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System of a Down issues statement in support of Artsakh amid conflict with Azerbaijan

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System of a Down has issued a statement in support of Artsakh amid the region’s violent conflict with the nation of Azerbaijan.

Artsakh, also known as Nagorno-Karabagh, is internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan. It also borders the country of Armenia — where all the System members descend from — and the majority of its population is made up of ethnic Armenians. Disputes over Artsakh have persisted over the past 25 years, despite a ceasefire signed in 1994.

On September 27, violence erupted in Artsakh, with Armenia and Azerbaijan blaming each other for starting the conflict. Armenia also claims Turkey is providing military aid to Azerbaijan, which both Turkey and Azerbaijan deny.

In System’s statement, the band writes that “the world is turning a blind eye” to what’s happening in Artsakh, just as it did to the Armenian Genocide of 1915.

“SOAD has always stood for justice and peace,” the statement reads. “This notion comes from the suffering and injustice done to our people over centuries. [Turkish president Recep Tayyip] Erdogan‘s denialist Turkey is continuing the work of its genocidal ancestors, and allied with petro-corrupt Azerbaijan, are firing American made F-16 missiles into Artsakh and parts of Armenia killing soldiers as well as civilians.”

“The world seems too busy with COVID and politics to care,” System adds. “But we HAVE to do something as this is an existential threat for our people and the first Christian Nation.”

System also shares links to a number of organizations in support of Artsakh, including the Armenia Fund.

“Since it seems difficult for the media, international organizations, and world powers to call out Azerbaijan on its war mongering, ethnic cleansing, and killing of innocent civilians, let’s help them,” System writes. “We are calling on everyone to join our efforts.”

By Josh Johnson
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