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The Brady Report 2/19/20

 A Puppy That Can’t Walk Befriended a Pigeon That Can’t Fly at an Animal Shelter . . . and Their Viral…  A Woman Stabs Her First Cousin . . . Who’s Also Her Boyfriend . . . After an Argument  Here Are the Best and Worst State Capitals to Live In  A Woman Is Going Viral for Taking a Bath ... Read More »

The Brady Report 2/17/20

 Smelling Your Significant Other’s Unwashed Shirt Can Help You Sleep Better  A Drunk Driver Is Arrested When He Pulls Over a Cop  Rhode Island’s Government Is Still Running on Typewriters and Microfiche  A Park in Florida Had to Close Because of a Massive Snake Orgy  A Guy in a Committed Relationship with a Ghost Celebrated Valentine’s Day by Having a ... Read More »

The Brady Report 2/14/20

 A Teenager Who Stole and Crashed a Cop Car Is Now Suing the Cop for Leaving the Keys in the Car  A New Dog Collar Plays Swear Words When Your Dog Barks  A Photo of a Dog Is an Optical Illusion That’s Making People Crazy  9% of People Take a Nap Every Day . . . and Apparently They’re More ... Read More »

The Brady Report 2/13/20

 A Salon Manager Gave Her Boss a Kidney, So He Gave Her the Store  A Woman Who Pooped in a Cop Car to Hide Her Drugs and Valentine’s Day Card Gets Prison Time  A Guy Gets a Drunk Driving Charge Dismissed by Writing and Performing an Original Song  A Guy Started a $750,000 GoFundMe for His High School Reunion . ... Read More »

The Brady Report 2/11/20

 A Kid’s Birthday Wish Was to Get Picked Up from School by Jason from “Friday the 13th”  A Woman With a Warrant Gave the Cops a Fake Name . . . of Someone Who Also Had a Warrant  The Majority of People Are Cheating on Their Partner . . . With Food  A Guy Will Pay You $25,000 to Find ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/28/20

A Crowd of Strangers Rushed to Lift an SUV Off a Woman Who’d Been Run Over A Cop in Wisconsin Pulled Over the Wienermobile A Woman Is Arrested for Calling 911 to Ask How to Get a Divorce A Study Finds Men Are Twice as Emotional as Women at Work How Long Would You Want to Live? Only 17% of ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/27/20

Two Men Are Fined for Showering While Driving on a Motorbike A Guy Named Walter White Has Been Arrested Again in His Meth Case A 76-Year-Old Woman in New York Survived a Seven-Story Fall by Landing on Fruits and Vegetables Vermont Might Be the First State to Allow Emojis on License Plates A Hotel Offers 18 Years of Free Valentine’s ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/17/20

A Restaurant Will Charge You a Fee If You Sit There for More Than 90 Minutes Ben & Jerry’s Has Created a New “Netflix & Chill’d” Ice Cream Flavor People Are Redecorating Their Christmas Trees for Valentine’s Day So They Can Keep Them Up Conversation Hearts Are Back This Valentine’s Day . . . But a Lot of Them Will ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/16/20

A New Machine Keeps Donor Livers Alive for a Week Instead of Hours A Couple Used a Bike to Lure in Thieves, Then Beat Them with Baseball Bats PBR Just Announced a New “Luxury” Brand Called Captain Pabst A Walmart Got an $80,000 Christmas Donation to Pay Off Layaways . . . and the Employees Spent a Lot of It… ... Read More »

The Brady Report 1/15/20

A Guy Who’s Paralyzed Walked a Full Marathon in a Robotic Suit and Broke a World Record Cops Bust a “Large Amish Party” and Make 38 Arrests A Woman Builds a Bomb in Walmart Out of Random Products from the Shelves A Librarian Pleads Guilty to Stealing $8 Million of Rare Books Over 25 Years We Eat Twice as Many ... Read More »