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Batman: Arkham Knight Launch Trailer Teases The Death of Batman?

The biggest title of the summer, Batman: Arkham Knight is coming out tomorrow (or tonight at certain locations if you have taken the next few days off or your boss thinks you are “sick”) and in anticipation we have a new launch trailer. But does this trailer tease the possible death of Batman? SPOILER ALERT: Fans of the series already ... Read More »

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Gameplay

Itching to get your hands on the upcoming Call of Duty? The latest in the multi million dollar franchise, Black Ops 3 is set to incorporate a fair amount of new technology into the COD experience while staying true to it’s roots as well. With a little bit of gameplay to mull over, do you think you’ll pick up the ... Read More »

Everything Blows Up In New E3 Trailer For Mad Max

What’s better than a new trailer for the upcoming Mad Max game? How about a trailer where everything blows up? Check it out below and start saving for a new console so you can play Mad Max when it hits stores on September 1st of this year. Time to start selling blood again… Read More »

New Trailer for Mad Max: The Savage Road

If you loved the recent summer blockbuster return of Mad Max, then you are no doubt looking for more to quench your flipped car explosion wasteland thirst. Well then look no further than the upcoming game Mad Max: Savage Road. We aren’t quite sure what kind of game to expect just yet, but we do know it will have explosions ... Read More »

Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

We finally have a trailer for the highly anticipated conclusion to the Rocksteady Arkham trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight. We know what we will be doing this summer. Read More »

HITMAN: Agent 47 – Trailer

A trailer for the upcoming action movie HITMAN: Agent 47, based off of the successful video game franchise, has been released today. It is certainly more action packed than most fans might remember the games being. What do you think? Hit or bust? Read More »