UCrew Update

The Brady Report 2/22/19

A Guy Tries to Woo a Woman by Posing as a CIA Agent and Pretending She’s Being Targeted by ISIS

A Woman Is Busted for Stealing from Her Job at 7-Eleven . . . On Her First Day

A City Is Trying to Figure Out How a Snowplow Driver Took Out 30 Blocks Worth of Mailboxes

Millennials Are Now Hiring Consultants to Help Keep Their Plants Alive

A Guy Accidentally Texted a Stranger . . . and Wound Up Leaving His Wife for Her

Couples are Now Signing “Dating Pre-Nups” to Lay Out Their Demands for the Relationship?

A Statue of “Sexy” Abraham Lincoln Is Going Viral

When Your Favorite Team Wins, It Boosts Your Confidence for Two Whole Days