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The Brady Report 2/10/15

The Brady Report for 2/10/15 brought to you by Chester’s Harley-Davidson.


Brady-O Video

Cockatoo Mimicking A Couples Argument

Chemical Factory Explosion Looks Like A Nuke

Plane Almost Hits A Pair Of Skydivers

Real Life GTA Chase


Doctor Was Fired For Helping Patients Find Their G-Spot

82 Year-Old Caught Stealing “Sexiest Fantasies” Body Spray

Woman Takes A Nap On Her Floor & Is Attacked By Her Roomba

Kid Fell Though Ice, Stuck for 15 Minutes, 45 Minutes With No Pulse, Mom Prays & He Survives

Baby Born “Pregnant” With Twins

Woman Wanted To Be An Explorer – Leaves Her Life & Is Now A Queen In The Amazon