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The Brady Report 2/12/15

The Brady Report for 2/12/15 brought to you by Chester’s Harley-Davidson.


Brady-O Video

Ford Speed Dating Prank

Man Saves Friend Buried In An Avalanche

Woman Stops A Kidnapping By Temporarily Kidnapping Girl From A Car Who Matched Missing Kids Description – It Was The Missing Kid

Drunk Couple Slept In Dumpster & Almost Got Crushed By A Garbage Truck

You Can Now Snort Chocolate

37 Year Old Man Has Blood In His Urine – Finds Out He Has Internal Female Parts

Deer Get Caught By The Antlers – Taser & Chainsaw Needed To Free Them

Detroit Man Who Walked 21 Miles To Work Now Has To Move Because Of The Money

Cops Bust Marijuana House Because Heat Lamps Melted The Snow Off Of The Roof