UCrew Update

The Brady Report 5/29/19

A Driver Runs off During a Police Chase . . . Leaving Behind His Prosthetic Leg Wearing a Croc

A Woman Spanks Her Stepson With a Belt for Missing Curfew . . . He’s 26

An 81-Year-Old Man Follows His GPS to the Wrong Place 1,000 Miles Away . . . Then Crashes

Pizza Hut Just Redid Its Pizza Recipe for the First Time in Almost 40 Years

A Guy Gets Fired for His Loud Self-Pleasure Sessions at Work, Then Claims He Didn’t Know It Was Wrong

Is It Wrong to Date Your Dead Boyfriend’s 21-Year-Old Son?

The Happiest People in the World Are Women Who Aren’t Married and Don’t Have Kids

The Woman Who Married the Ghost of a 300-Year-Old Pirate Says He Threatened to Kill Her When She Dumped Him