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The Brady Report 8/13/20

 A Woman Flips Out at Burger King When She Can’t Get a Burger at 9:00 A.M.  A Man Is Busted Driving Drunk on the Highway on a Lawn Mower  A Man Busts His Wife Having an Affair on Google Maps Street View  Dunkin’s Pumpkin Stuff Is Already Coming Out Next Week  A Restaurant Is Getting Mocked for Charging $7 for ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/12/20

 A Man Caught With Drugs in His Pockets Says a Stranger Walking By Gave Him the Pants  A Guy Gets a Fine for Breaking Lockdown . . . To Get Away from His Roommate’s Loud Sex  A Brand Is Selling a $700 Digital Shirt . . . You Don’t Get the Actual Shirt, They Just Photoshop It Onto You  Mountain ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/11/20

 A Canadian Bank Robber Follows Social Distancing Rules and Politely Waits in Line  A Serial Bank Robber Is Finally Caught When He Breaks His Crime Hiatus Because of the Pandemic  If You’re Doing Intermittent Fasting, Your Daily Stretches Without Food Don’t Have to Be That Long to Work  Do These Ten States Have the Most Attractive People?  You’re Not “Old” ... Read More »

The Brady Report 8/10/20

 A Guy Is Arrested for Felony Slurpee Battery  Taco Bell Might Start Selling Chicken Wings  Cat People Now Have Their Own Dating App  How Did You Catch Your Significant Other Cheating?  It’s the Time of Year for “Summer Penis” . . . When Warm Weather Makes Your Junk Get Bigger  57% of People Are Brushing Their Teeth More Now That ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/27/20

 A Guy Calls in a Fake Bomb Threat to Get Out of Work During the Pandemic  (NC-17) Someone Trained an A.I. Program to Draw Pictures of Male Genitalia  The Top Foods Each Part of the Country Is Ordering During Lockdown  Is the “Quarantine 15” a Myth? 79% of Us Aren’t Eating Worse  Do You Have “Zoom Fatigue”? Here’s Why Video ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/16/20

 A Woman Is Arrested After a Slap Fight Over TikTok Videos  Here Are the Most Popular Hard Seltzers in Every State During the Quarantine  Sexting Is Way Up as Everyone Wants You to “Send Nudes” Right Now  20% of Americans Now Scrub Their Hands at Least 16 Times a Day  54% of Us Are Cooking More Right Now, and Snacking ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/9/20

This clip I posted yesterday has been going viral all over FB & IG. I just happened to be walking by and caught this – @chanelwestcoast – @robdyrdek – @Ridiculousness – @SteeloBrim – @MTV – ! Wild times during the Quarantine @Complex @WORLDSTAR pic.twitter.com/0huxsmMCFz— Prophet Amen Ra – 預言者アーメン-ラー (@Deethebestemcee) April 6, 2020  A Man Wearing Thong Underwear as a ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/7/20

https://www.facebook.com/32900937/videos/10100602866477870/  Two Guys Who Randomly Committed Crimes at a U-Haul at the Same Time Accidentally Set the Place on Fire  A Guy Spent 18 Months Perfecting the KFC Fried Chicken Recipe . . . and He Thinks He’s Finally Done It  Here Are the Foods People Are Getting Delivered the Most Right Now  It Takes Nine Minutes for Music to ... Read More »

The Brady Report 4/1/20

 It Turns Out Selling Cocaine Is a “Non-Essential” Business Right Now  Poll: America’s Favorite Streaming Service for Quarantining Is . . .  Men Like April Fools’ Day Pranks More Than Women  What Have You Done in the Past Few Weeks That You Rarely Ever Did Before? Here are some mild April Fools’ Day pranks you can play on your family ... Read More »

The Brady Report 3/27/20

 A Neighbor Asks a Man to Turn Down His Music . . . and the Man Chases Him with a Sword  McDonald’s Is Eliminating All-Day Breakfast During the Coronavirus Pandemic  The Top 20 Dream Jobs We Had When We Were Kids  If Your Coworkers Don’t Turn on Video for Their Chats, There’s a One-in-Eight Chance They’re Naked  Should You Wash ... Read More »