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Tommy Lee hoping to shine light on unknown and "underdog" artists with upcoming Andro solo album

Credit: Myriam Santos

Tommy Lee‘s upcoming solo album, Andro, features a number of guests from the hip-hop and electronic world that may be unfamiliar to those who only know the drummer through Mötley Crüe. Speaking to ABC Audio, Lee explains that he hopes Andro will provide a platform for those artists.

“I’m a big underdog guy,” Lee says. “So when I hear somebody with talent, man, if I can give them a platform for people to hear them, they need to be heard.”

“These people are super talented, and they may or may not ever have an opportunity to be heard,” he adds. “So it’s kinda my way of giving back.”

While all of the guests on Andro bring something different to the album, Lee feels they all have one thing in common.

“There’s something really amazing that they do that [makes me] want to work with them,” he explains.

Lee takes particular joy in “turning people on to music they may or may not have heard or a style they haven’t heard.” Take an artist like Pavan Mukhi, who guests on the Andro song “Ain’t Telling Me Nothing.” While he’s known in the English hip-hop community as a member of the group Foreign Beggars, those who listen to more hard rock and metal may be hearing him for the first time.

“I’m turning people on to something that they may not or may never have heard or be interested in hearing, they might dig that,” Lee says.

Andro is due out October 16.

By Josh Johnson
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