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Tool Continue To Work On New Album


Photo by deep_schismic

Ok Tool fans here is an updated on the long awaited new album from Tool. The band’s Facebook page gave an update on whats been going on with the band in the studio:

“Starting the New Year off on a positive note, ADAM arrives at the LOFT with an ending for a new TOOL arrangement and gets the nod of approval by the others. As long as they don’t start with the ending, that’s good news!”

The band’s official site (Toolband.com) also had an updated on the new album:

“…At the Lakers game last night, when I asked him [Danny Carey] about how things were going with the band, he told me that a couple of days ago ADAM had come into the loft with an ending for a particular song that everyone really liked. So, perhaps the musical arrangement for another TOOL song is finished… unless they sometimes write the end of the song first?”

So good the thing is the band has continued work on the new album, but the bad part is we still have to wait awhile before this see the light of day. The band is actually still tied up in a legal battle involving a former designer/friend of the band.