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Trent Reznor “teared up” listening to Dua Lipa song: “It was just a really well done piece of music”

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Trent Reznor: pop music fan?

Speaking on Rick Rubin‘s Tetragrammaton, the Nine Inch Nails frontman reveals he’s become more receptive to pop music in recent years.

“For awhile, I’ve kept [my kids] in a hermetically sealed way from pop music, because I think it sucks, generally,” Reznor explains. “I have thought that, for whatever reason. And then I realized about a year ago that’s not fair.”

Reznor then reflects on hearing his 6-year-old daughter singing a song by “Levitating” artist Dua Lipa.

“She’s so into it, it was so cool,” Reznor says of his daughter. “This is her music. This is her thing.”

He continues, “It really reminded me that the art of writing a well-crafted song … I teared up listening to a Dua Lipa track the other day, ’cause it was just a really well done piece of music.”

Meanwhile, Nine Inch Nails fans may tear up hearing Reznor talk about the future of the “Head Like a Hole” outfit.

“In terms of the audience, and the culture where it is and the importance of music — or lack of importance of music in today’s world, from my perspective — is a little defeating, I think,” Reznor shares. “I kind of miss the attention music got, I miss the critical attention music got.”

“Not that I’m that interested in a critic’s opinion, but to send something out the world and feel like it touched places, might’ve got a negative or positive [response], but somebody heard it,” he continues. “It got validated in its own way, culturally. That feels askew. I can’t think of any review I care about today, that I even trust … that makes for what I feel is a less fertile environment to put music out into, in the world of Nine Inch Nails.”

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