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Trivium planning to buy airplane hanger to hold rehearsals

Courtesy Roadrunner

Trivium is looking to the sky for a new rehearsal space.

As frontman Matt Heafy tells Rock Sound, the band is working on purchasing a “decommissioned airplane hanger,” where they’ll hold livestream practices and, eventually, full-scale shows.

“We’d eventually have it fully equipped,” Heafy explains. “Then hopefully things keep progressing, even despite whatever the fates might be throwing at us that we can turn it into where there’s full cameras set up, there’s full soundboard, everything is ready to go. So if we wanna do the full event, we can do the full event from there and it’s ready to go.”

Trivium plans to use the money earned from ticket sales for the band’s livestreamed show in July to purchase the hanger.

While they wait for the deal to go through, Trivium members have been soliciting nicknames for the hanger. The leader so far seems to be “St. Hanger,” after Metallica‘s infamous 2003 album, St. Anger.

By Josh Johnson
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