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May 2019

The listener favorite, Griffin has returned!!!

March 2018

Griffin is back for a special run of photos!


December 2017

Melissa will be making the naughty list this December!

November 2017

Rogue looking sexy for November!

October 2017

Aleska bringing the hotness to October!

August 2017

Shelly is making August one hot month!

July 2017 UGirl Metallica Special w/ Griffin

Griffin is back for a special Metallica Ugirl set!

July 2017 UGirl

Dita Dame. Miss July is a firecracker!

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June 2017 UGirl

Angel. Miss June is as hot as the summers in AZ!

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May 2017 UGirl

Griffin Maria. Miss May is ready to stun in her Ugirl debut!

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March 2017 UGirl

Fallon. Miss March is ready to party St. Patrick’s style!

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February 2017 UGirl

Alyssa. Will she be your Valentine??

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January 2017 UGirl

Christina. Kicking off the New Year the right way!!

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November 2016 UGirl

Jen Republic. We are SO thankful for November!

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2016 UGirl Extra

Check out these killer extra set of photos we shot with Chandra who was Miss June. Extra thanks to Drew’s Garage for allowing us to come down and shoot with some of the cars.

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July 2016 UGirl

Kylee. Hello Miss July!!!

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June 2016 UGirl

Chandra. Summer time just got hot!

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May 2016 UGirl

Chanelle. May just got a whole lot sexier!

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April 2016 UGirl

Jazlyn. The month of April just got a lot hotter with Jazlyn!

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March 2016 UGirl

Rachel. The month of March  just got a lot better with Rachel!

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February 2016 UGirl

Jae. The month of February just got a lot better with Jae!

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February 2015 UGirl

Molly. The month of February just got a lot better with Molly!

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January 2015 UGirl

Natalie. Even though it still winter, Natalie has turned January into the hottest month of the year!

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December 2014 Girl

Alicia & Christy. December is a beautiful month thanks to these two hot ladies!

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November 2014 UGirl

Kahla. Kahla turns up the heat in November!

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October 2014 UGirl

Tiffany. Hottie Miss October Tiffany shows off her killer curves this month!

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September 2014 UGirl

Jodi. Check out this hot rocker chick! Jodi loves everything from Pantera to Gun N’ Roses and she can rock harder than anyone we know.

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August 2014 UGirl

Tami. She was one of the top runner ups in the HMS Milf Contest in 2010 and is one of the sweetest women we have ever met.

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July 2015 UGirl

Stephanie & HannahWell we couldn’t help ourselves so we brought back Miss January & February because they where so hott to be Miss July together!!!

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 June 2014 UGirl

Alicia. Miss June was born and raised in AZ. She loves to be outdoors whether it be camping or shooting guns, Alicia is an outdoors type of girl.

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May 2014 UGirl

Meredith. Born in Texas but grew up in Phoenix  (Ahwatukee) Arizona. A part-time bartender and promo girl who is also trying to start her own custom clothing/accessory company MaryDeth Clothing.

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 March 2014 UGirl

Brittany. Born and Raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I currently work full time at a hospital as a patient care tech and I am going to school for my bachelors in nursing. I absolutely love my job! Nothing is more awarding then helping others.

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February 2014 UGirl

Hannah. Born and raised in Glendale, Arizona. I currently work as the director of marketing for a utility concierge company, (not just a pretty face boys!!), as well as a part time bartender at Shotgun Betty’s in Scottsdale, AZ.

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January 2014 UGirl

Stephanie. Born and raised in the desert of beautiful Arizona. Full time model and part time bartender at Shotgun Betty’s in Scottsdale, AZ. I have a laundry list of posters, calendars, magazines, flyers and modeling work that I’ve done for various companies. 

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