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Yusuf/Cat Stevens wants to work with Green Day: “We could definitely get it on”

2023 Innings Festival
Tim Mosenfelder/WireImage

Yusuf/Cat Stevens is apparently a big Green Day fan, and would be interested in collaborating with Billie Joe Armstrong and company.

Speaking with NME about the modern music he listens to, the “Wild World” artist shares, “I love Green Day because of their message.”

“‘Know Your Enemy’ is an incredible song with a message about the Iraq war that was right on time,” he continues.

When asked whether he’d want to work with Green Day, Yusuf replies, “Wow, that’s a good idea.”

“I think they listened to my song ‘Bitterblue’ before making ‘Know Your Enemy,’ as I can hear little [tidbits] of it in the chords and some of the words,” he says. “I reckon we could definitely get it on.”

Green Day has been working on a new album to follow 2020’s Father of All…. Yusuf, meanwhile, just announced a new record, King of a Land, due out June 16.

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